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Energy efficiency in high-speed train operation - Global ...

Aug 04, 2010 · On high-speed trains, it is necessary that the eco-driving can be modified on line according to the changing conditions, such as temporary speed limits or delays, by means of onboard advice systems or efficient ATO systems.

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Why does the fuel consumption of the diesel engine ...

All Answers ( 18) For constant speed for stroke diesel engines, general tendency is that at 80% of the full load operation, specific fuel consumption (fuel consumption per unit brake power) decreases at 80% of the load, and beyond that load, it increases. This is due to increase of fuel conversion efficiency up to 80% of the load,...

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TECH TUESDAY: Why aerodynamic efficiency, not high speed ...

So the aerodynamic challenge of Silverstone has subtly changed over the last few years. Where once it was all about high-speed downforce, now it's as much about aerodynamic efficiency – i.e. how much drag is created for a given level of downforce. Or conversely, how much downforce for .

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Are electric motors more efficient at low or high speed ...

Dec 12, 2016 · Answer Wiki. Here are their "nominal full load efficiencies": Two-pole: 90.2% Four-pole: 91.7% Six-pole: 91.0% Eight-pole: 90.2% Note that the two-pole and eight-pole have the same efficiency, but the four-pole has the best efficiency.

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Workstation Systems - High-Speed, High-Volume Designs for ...

Allows workers to stage and transfer items with ultra-high pick efficiency; Adjusts to workers of all sizes to maximize worker comfort ; Minimizes lifting and pushes to ensure worker safety ; Provides controlled access to guarantee inventory accuracy ; Integrates seamlessly with automated equipment

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The Difference Between Low and High Efficiency Air ...

May 01, 2012 · High efficiency units are usually much larger than older models to allow for better heat dispersion. Two-compressor, two-stage units allow the air conditioner to run at only 70% of its capacity in ...

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Improving the High Speed Efficiency of xEV Induction Motors

Efficiency measurements were performed at two power levels (10 kW and 50 kW), two rotational speeds (8,000 rpm and 10,000 rpm), and at two rotor temperatures (50 o C and 100 o C).

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Aerix+ High Speed, High-Efficiency Hand ... - Bradley Corp

Adjustable speed; The longest service life of any high speed hand dryer; Uses 40% less energy than most high speed hand dryers; Intelligent controls to customize airflow, sound quality and heating options; Cover and internal airflow path with antimicrobial technology; Durable and vandal resistant; Available

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High Speed Rail: Pros and Cons : Conservation & Efficiency ...

Feb 16, 2019 · An audit last year faulted California's High-Speed Rail Authority for "flawed decision making and poor contract management." A business plan released in early 2018 showed its projected baseline cost soared by up to 20 percent from two years earlier and .

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Ultradur® High Speed - basf

Eco-efficiency analysis for Ultradur® High Speed. Results with customer benefit. Processors benefit from the flowability of Ultradur® High Speed, which has been markedly improved by incorporating a nano additive, since the processing temperature as well as the injection and holding pressures in the injection-moulding machine can be lowered.

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Efficiency of RWD vs. AWD at high speed | Physics Forums

Mar 17, 2008 · You're simply multiplying and dividing by the same fixed constant and arrive to the same answer, that the force being put down ends up being the same when you assume efficiency. Even shifting of the power at high speed to the rear wheels on a supercar doesn't magically change anything about the physics of the situation.

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High-speed rail - Wikipedia

High-speed rail (HSR) is a type of rail transport that operates significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, using an integrated system of specialized rolling stock and dedicated tracks. While there is no single standard that applies worldwide, new lines in excess of 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph) and existing lines in excess of 200 kilometres per hour (120 mph) are widely considered ...

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Energy Security and High Speed Rail

High speed rail is the large-scale, comprehensive solution to the oil supply problem, and is the most significant way to reduce our daily consumption of oil quickly and efficiently while maintaining our prosperity and economic growth.

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Efficiency Synonyms, Efficiency Antonyms | Thesaurus

All these bouquets to efficiency and all this about the weak points of the crowd. In fact, the efficiency of West India troops was, and is, unquestioned. The preponderance of efficiency of equipment lay with the Germans. No doubt it has been overworked by enthusiastic believers in its efficiency.

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High-Speed Machining vs. High-Efficiency Machining

High-speed machining makes very quick, small axial cuts to the surface to prevent surface damage, ensure a smooth finish, and guard against damage to the cutter or spindle. Unfortunately, the efficiency of this method is reduced, as the same number and size of cuts are performed for each pass until the desired cut is completed.

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Change your blower motor speed on your HVAC system.Can you ...

Feb 06, 2013 · Yes you can but we think its just better to know that it can be done whats involved with a simple speed change of your air blower for your furnace air conditioner or heat pump. Ryan from ...

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EL296V | High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace | Lennox ...

During the summer, the EL296V's variable-speed motor can increase the efficiency of your outdoor cooling unit. For maximum energy savings year-round, the EL296V can be paired with a Lennox ® heat pump in a dual-fuel system.

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High Speed Electric Winch - Electric Winches With High ...

High Speed Winch Electrical Control There are a variety of electrical control options that can be fitted to your winch, including standard control box and remote control. The most basic form of the standard control box is a simple push button box that can be mounted either on the winch or near the winch.

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Gear efficiency — key to lower drive cost | Machine Design

Their efficiency usually ranges between 95 and 98%, regardless of speed ratio. Cost is competitive with worm-gear speed reducers where the center distance is 2-in. or more.

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High Efficiency vs. Traditional Washing Machines

A high-efficiency top loader has a slightly different washing action, a re-designed shorter agitator that draws the load down into the low water and detergent to effect a cleaning. HE top-loaders must meet the same stringent guidelines in order to be called HE washers and either style is efficient when it comes to cleaning performance.

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The Difference Between a High-Capacity Fan & a High ...

This method of increasing air capacity requires no extra energy. Purchasing a fan rated as a high capacity fan is always going to be the best option for energy efficiency. You can run a high-capacity fan at a lower speed than a low-capacity fan and still get the same degree of cooling for much less energy.

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