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Howstuffworks: CVT Quiz

The continuously variable transmission (CVT), which was conceptualized more than 500 years ago, is just now beginning to replace traditional automatic transmissions in some automobiles. Test your knowledge of how CVTs work in this quiz.

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How Washing Machines Work - HowStuffWorks

How Washing Machines Work. When the small gear moves, it moves this outer shaft with it, and the small notch engages the single tooth that is fixed to the lockup mechanism. When the gearbox is locked up, both the inner shaft, which drives the agitator, and the outer shaft, which drives the tub, spin at the same speed as the input pulley.

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Howstuffworks: Everyday Science: Gear Quiz

the sun gear, the planet gears (and carrier), and the ring gear the planet gear, the solar gears (and carrier), and the pinion gear Any planetary gearset has three main components: the sun gear, the planet gears and the planet gears' carrier, and the ring gear.

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Creature Creation - How Animatronics Works | HowStuffWorks

While there are other compounds, such as silicone and urethane, that are stronger and last longer, foam rubber is used because it is much easier to work with. The solution is poured into each mold and allowed to cure. As mentioned earlier, parts of the frame are embedded with the foam rubber at certain points.

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People | HowStuffWorks

Aug 15, 2019 · HowStuffWorks People contains articles and information on topics related to culture, government and public works. Check out HowStuffWorks People.

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Basic SWAT Team Gear - How SWAT Teams Work | HowStuffWorks

Each SWAT officer has a lot of freedom in deciding which weapons he feels most comfortable using. The typical SWAT officer's arsenal includes a reliable, powerful handgun, a sub-machine gun and a shotgun. Officers trained for counter-sniper work will have a long-range rifle.

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How Your Immune System Works | HowStuffWorks

Inside your body there is an amazing protectio­n mechanism called the immune system.It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body.To understand the power of the immune system, all that you have to do is look at what happens to anything once it dies.

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Howstuffworks: The Engine Quiz

It gets too dirty to work. The oil evaporates in the summer. Whether your car requires an oil change every three months or six months, you need to keep your oil clean to keep your car engine running.

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HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works!

HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics, ranging from the flu to black holes to conspiracy theories, with video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works.

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Gearing Up! - Clocks Gears | HowStuffWorks

Each gear in the weight's gear train has an 8:1 ratio, so the full train's ratio is 492:1. You can see that if you let the escapement gear itself drive another gear train with a ratio of 60:1, then you can attach the minute hand to the last gear in that train.

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Helical Gears - How Gears Work | HowStuffWorks

How Gears Work. The teeth on helical gears are cut at an angle to the face of the gear. When two teeth on a helical gear system engage, the contact starts at one end of the tooth and gradually spreads as the gears rotate, until the two teeth are in full engagement. This gradual engagement makes helical gears operate much more smoothly and quietly than spur gears.

Howstuffworks on CD - How Gears Work

Each time a gear tooth engages a tooth on the other gear, the teeth collide, and this impact makes a noise. It also increases the stress on the gear teeth. To reduce the noise and stress in the gears, most of the gears in your car are helical. Helical Gears. The teeth on helical gearsare cut at an angle to the face of the gear. When two teeth on a helical gear system engage, the contact starts at one end of the .

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Howstuffworks: Transmission Quiz

A car's transmission enables the engine to provide a wide range of output speeds. Without it, you'd be limited to just one gear. Test your knowledge of both automatic and .

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Monster Mash - How Animatronics Works | HowStuffWorks

Because the animatronic Spinosaurus is controlled by radio-frequency (RF) devices, certain precautions must be taken when it is in use. Any other device, such as a cell phone, that operates using RF technology must be turned off in the vicinity of the animatronic device. Otherwise, improper signals ...

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Using the Gears - How Mountain Bikes Work | HowStuffWorks

The front and rear shifters are equipped with switches that shift gears one at a time, either higher or lower. Each shift lever adjusts a cable that determines the position of the derailleur. Both the front and rear derailleurs contain strong springs that force them to one side or the other.

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Bicycle Gears - How Bicycles Work | HowStuffWorks

The first thing that causes bicycles to have gears is the fact that gears can reduce the wheel size from 7 feet in diameter to something reasonable. As described in the article How Gears Work, gears and gear ratios are a good solution to this problem. For example, if you put a gear with 42 teeth on the front chain wheel and a smaller gear with 14 teeth on the rear wheel, you have a 3-to-1 gear ratio.

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How Firewalls Work | HowStuffWorks

In fact, that's why its called a firewall. Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next. As you read through this article, you will learn more about firewalls, how they work and what kinds of threats they can protect you from.

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Ninja Gear - How Ninja Work | HowStuffWorks

How Ninja Work. A ninja usually wore a ninja-to or other short sword on his back. They also used shuko, weapons worn on the hand (similar to brass knuckles), or tiger claws, which were sharp blades on the palm of the hand which may have been just as effective for climbing as for hand-to-hand combat.

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Videos | HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks NOW: Squishy Octobot is a Total Softy. Scientists have created the world's first fully autonomous, squishy robot. Learn how its little balloon tentacles work and where its creators want it .

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How Gears Work | HowStuffWorks

How Gears Work. For instance, in the differential between the rear wheels of your car, the power is transmitted by a shaft that runs down the center of the car, and the differential has to turn that power 90 degrees to apply it to the wheels. There are a lot of intricacies in the different types of gears.

Slot Car Controllers | HowStuffWorks

How Slot Car Racing Works. Analog slot car controllers do this by distributing the desired amount of voltage to the car. A trigger on an analog controller moves an electrical contact along a resistor. As the trigger is squeezed, more voltage is sent to the slot car's specific track, which in .

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